Using Calmail IMAP with Outlook 2007

So I’m at SFO, trying to send an email to someone, and I just realized that my Outlook 2007 was failing to connect Calmail’s SMTP server. Even though I followed the instruction on IST, I still couldn’t connect to Calmail. It turned out that in Outlook 2007, SSL and TLS are distinguished, unlike previous versions of Outlook in which there was only SSL option. And Calmail’s SMTP server uses TLS.

In order to use Calmail on Outlook 2007, you need to configure your Outlook so that SMTP is connected through the port 587 but with TLS. The IMAP is still SSL (TLS doesn’t work). Also don’t forget to choose “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and “Use same setting as my incoming mail server” on “Outgoing Server” tab. Of course, your IMAP/SMTP servers are located at